Videowalls – Features, Benefits, Applications

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Course Description

Videowalls – Features, Benefits, and Applications is the first part of a two-part series to introduce the concepts of videowalls and in the second part, the needs analysis. Part one explains what a videowall is and delves into the history and evolution of the technologies. Then a brief look at the videowall market shows the significant growth that it has had and continues to enjoy. Next is a cursory look at the basic components that go into a modern videowall. From here the course covers applications and a high-level look at benefits and what to consider. The course wraps up with best practices and words to the wise!able and sustainable) they must add value beyond the confines of something that can be delivered in a “box”. One way to do this is to provide managed services to your clients. In this seminar we will define managed services in pro AV and explore the applications that are a natural fit for these outsourced services. The course speaks about differentiation, profitability, and sustainability.

Key concepts covered include:

  • Understand the basic concepts of a videowall
  • Discuss the core features that make a videowall unique
  • Review the components that make up a videowall